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Before you ring a Brisbane Plumber… ask these 5 important questions first:

1. Up to Date Equipment and Technology

Does your plumbing company use CCTV drain cameras and safe water jetting rods to diagnose and clear blocked drains and not blindly dig up pathways, footings and gardens before knowing what the problem is?

Old school thinking (and plumbing techniques) of mechanical drain clearing augurs and backhoes have their place, but should not be the first option. Unblocking drains this way is expensive and with the new technology available should only be used AFTER the correct diagnosis is determined.

2. Fully Qualified & Licenced

Is your plumber fully qualified and hold all the current licences required to perform the work?

In this day and age you’d think this point is a no-brainer…. BUT, you would be shocked and horrified of how many businesses don’t actually have the right qualifications or licences to perform all levels of plumbing work. Some may even have a basic licence and then moonlight beyond their skills and capability just to win a job.  Sadly, we have been called in too many times to fix the mess they leave behind. Our advice, always ask to see a copy of a plumbers qualifications and licences before engaging their services.

3. Fully Insured Company

Does your plumbing and drainage specialist have the right insurance and is it current?

Insurance is another one. For your PEACE OF MIND, make sure you ask to see a copy of their current insurance policies including work cover insurance. Plumbing work can be dangerous so as a home owner and business owner, you want to make sure the plumbing company you engage has all the correct insurance cover in place to protect you from any claims or liability while they are working on your premises.

4. Written Guarantee and Warranty

Will your plumber give you a written receipt guaranteeing their work they do and provide an above average industry warranty period?

This is so important. Any plumbing business in Brisbane worth their salt should provide you with a written receipt that details the work performed and include their guarantee and product and service warranty period.

5. FREE Expert Advice

Is your plumbing specialist prepared to take the time to listen to you explain your plumbing problem and then give you some clear options and recommendations to consider BEFORE wanting to give you a bill?

I don’t know where to start with this one… How hard is it for a plumbing business (or any business for that matter), to answer the phone and have one of their EXPERT STAFF talk to you and give you some old fashioned quality service? Really, it’s not that hard! It’s what we certainly do…

How to quickly get your plumbing needs sorted…

“Try before you buy”

That’s right, for some real old fashioned quality advice and information

(that won’t cost you a cent–well only the cost of a local call)

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